Learn to Cook – Satay, Satay Sauce & Gado-Gado

What a fun morning with new friends culminating in a sumptuous lunch!

Paul shared with us his Quick and Easy Chicken Satay without skewers suitable for the backyard BBQ using his simple marinade recipe, see below attached. Chef Sam then showed us the Quick and Easy way to make the all important Satay Sauce plus the “Buy in Jar” version.

For the “traditionalists” Sam showed us how to choose the right cuts of meat, how to cut and marinade them using the traditional marinade recipe, then how to skewer the meat pieces to make the Satay. Linda had pre-prepared a pot of her mother’s traditional satay sauce which can also be used for Gado-Gado a traditional Indonesian salad.

Linda then showed us how to prepare the veggies for Gado-Gado as well as the condiments for Satay consisting of ketupat, onion wedges and cucumber.

FBBC Recipe Satay Traditional

FBBC Recipe Satay Quick and Easy

FBBC Recipe Gado Gado