What’s happening @ FBBC?

14 April 2022

Welcome Pastor Thomas Chin!

Rev. Thomas Chin has been officially inaugurated as Pastor of Faith Bible Baptist Church on the 3rd April 2022.

He was inaugurated by Rev. John Reid and supported by his wife, Carol, together with  Rev. Antonio Chan, Rev. Eddy Wee and Rev. Chris Hall by his side.

Over eighty people attended and witnessed his inauguration, including a number of family and friends of Thomas and Carol.

About Thomas

Pastor Thomas theology education spans Singapore and the US, achieving a Master of Divinity (Highest Honour) from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City. He was the Senior pastor at Chatswood Church of Christ and prior to that Beverly Hills Baptist Church.

He was a Pastor at Hebron Chinese Christian and Missionary Alliance Church and has pastored churches in Singapore and Kansas City (USA). Thomas also lead short-term mission trips to Cambodia, India & China.

In his younger days, Thomas served with the Singapore Armed Forces and held the position of Commander of the Line Platoon in the Signal Company of HQ 4SAB (Singapore Armor Brigade).

Converted in 1971 and baptized in 1973, Thomas is the oldest son of a family of eight with two brothers and three sisters. Except for his late father, all the family members are Christians and are worshipping at different evangelical churches in Singapore.

A multi-linguist he speaks English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka and Hokkien.

Pastor Thomas message to the congregation

Greetings in the precious and mighty Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Hudson Taylor, the famous missionary and founder of the China Inland Mission (now known as the Overseas Missionary Fellowship) once said, “In God’s work, there are three stages: First, it’s impossible. Then, it becomes difficult. And then, it gets done.”

In seeking to discern the Lord’s sovereign will and purpose for FBBC, especially given all the ups and downs, the joys and pains, the fears and hopes in the past few years as well as the many concerns and challenges that lie ahead of us in this unprecedented season of pandemic, war and global crises, I’m sure we all have our questions and doubts. After all, we’re all human, fragile and vulnerable. Moreover, there is no absolute guarantee of success and no infinite promise of ease and satisfaction. That is, at least on this side of eternity.

But this is where I urge every one of us to look up to the sustaining grace of our Almighty God and Creator of heaven and earth and trust in His enabling power, strength and wisdom for us, individually and collectively. This is what we have seen and will continue to see in and throughout the pages of Scriptures and in the long history of God’s covenantal
people in Israel and the Church.

Like Hudson Taylor, may the Lord find us faithful and fruitful as we embark on a new journey of ministry together for the glory of our Heavenly King and the community He wants us to serve.
– Pastor Thomas Chin (13 March 2022)

(Left to Right) - Rev Chris Hall, Rev Eddy Wee, Rev Antonio Chan, Carol Pek, Rev Thomas Chin and Rev John Reid
Rev Thomas responding to Inauguration call
Pastor Thomas conducting his first communion at FBBC

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